PengolinCoin PengolinCoin


(Wrapped Pengolincoin)

Wrapped PGO (wPGO - ERC20 - DeFi) provides an untraceable gateway to and from the Ethereum ecosystem to PGO.

On Uniswap, please select token, search for wPGO by ticker "wPGO" or by address 0x952e116156d4b0ae398c1f85dd7683957be08526
Earn rewards by supplying liquidity to the wPGO liquidity pool!

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What is wPGO?

Wrapped PengolinCoin (wPGO) is simply an ERC20 token that represents the real Pengolincoin coin ($PGO) on the Ethereum ecosystem. Having an ERC20 token representation allows Pengolincoin to integrate into the Ethereum ecosystem, which includes decentralized finance, wallets, dapps, and smart contracts. PengolinCoin (wPGO) will also provide a privacy gateway from wPGO to PGO. So, anyone who wants their activity on the Ethereum Blockchain to be private, will be able to do so, simply by swapping wPGO for PGO. Swapping wPGO for PGO and PGO for wPGO will be available by a Discord swap bot or by request manually in discord, depending on demand.
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What is the use case?

On the Ethereum ecosystem, $wPGO allows the use of a variety of financial instruments already available in DeFi, like decentralized trading on 🦄 Uniswap and other DEX'es. It allows $wPGO users to create leveraged stable coin trades as a yield aggregator for lending platforms that re-balance for the highest yield during contract interaction (supported stable coins will include, $DAI $USDC $USDT $TUSD). In addition, $wPGO allows users to offer Liquidity Pools (know as LPs) to earn additional interest on their yield-bearing tokens, where traders can even create leveraged positions.
wPGO is listed on (Mobile wallet) and Uniswap.
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