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PGO PengolinCoin is a Proof of Stake (PoS), open source, decentralized blockchain-based cryptocurrency focused on achieving fast transactions, an active and involved community, real-world utilization.

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Why Pengolincoin?

A better way to send or receive money

PengolinCoin’s goals are to develop the most useful and accessible applications and to be accessible to everyone, everywhere.

PengolinCoin’s roots

They are derived from the cryptocurrency, Dash.
Dash is a fork of Bitcoin, and through it, PengolinCoin retains the valuable features of Bitcoin such as its distributed, decentralized, immutable ledger, and its network of nodes.

Instantsend and masternodes

PengolinCoin also retains the valuable features of Dash, such as its instantsend technology and its use of Masternodes. Masternodes are a crucial part of the network and provide maximum uptime and service.

Network and rewards

PengolinCoin uses two different staking systems to run its network: hot staking and masternodes.
Rewards are given to PengolinCoin users that choose to maintain a balance of at least one PengolinCoin in their wallets or by storing 100,000 PengolinCoins and running a masternode.

Proof of Stake

What distinguishes PengolinCoin from others is that it not only uses Masternodes, but it also uses the PIVX Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm technology.

wPGO (ERC20 - DeFi)

wPGO Wrapped PengolinCoin (wPGO) is an ERC20 token that represents the real Pengolincoin coin ($PGO) on the Ethereum ecosystem. Having an ERC20 token representation allows Pengolincoin to integrate into the Ethereum ecosystem, which includes decentralized finance, wallets, dapps, and smart contracts. PengolinCoin (wPGO) will also provide a privacy gateway from wPGO to PGO.
So, anyone who wants their activity on the Ethereum Blockchain to be private, will be able to do so, simply by swapping wPGO for PGO.
For more information go to the wPGO website.
Listed on Uniswap Etherscan

wPGO (BEP20)

wPGO (BEP20)
Wrapped PGO (wPGO - BEP20) provides an untraceable gateway to and from the Binance Smart Chain to PGO.
We have developed our BEP20, wPGO token, on the Binance Smart Chain! The wPGO token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has been completed and is on the BSC Mainnet!
For more information go to the wPGO (BEP20) website.

PengolinCoin Quick Specs




Proof Of Stake (POS)



Block time

60 sec

Genesis date


Total supply





15M (swap = 11.5M, project = 3.5M)


Yes (Earn block reward from coin ownership)


5% on every block



Masternode support

Yes, 100,000 PGO per masternode

PoS Rewards Breakdown

Phase Block Height Reward Masternodes Stakers Dev
Phase 0 1001-525600 20 PGO 50% (10 PGO) 45% (9 PGO) 5% (1 PGO)
Phase 1 525601-1051200 18 PGO 50% (9 PGO) 45% (8.1 PGO) 5% (0.9 PGO)
Phase 2 1051201-1576800 16 PGO 50% (8 PGO) 45% (7.2 PGO) 5% (0.8 PGO)
Phase 3 1576801-2102400 14 PGO 50% (7 PGO) 45% (6.3 PGO) 5% (0.7 PGO)
Phase 4 2102401-2628000 12 PGO 50% (6 PGO) 45% (5.4 PGO) 5% (0.6 PGO)
Phase 5 2628001-3153600 10 PGO 50% (5 PGO) 45% (4.5 PGO) 5% (0.5 PGO)
Phase 6 3153601-3679200 8 PGO 50% (4 PGO) 45% (3.6 PGO) 5% (0.4 PGO)
Phase 7 3679201-4204800 6 PGO 50% (3 PGO) 45% (2.7 PGO) 5% (0.3 PGO)
Phase 8 4204801-4730400 4 PGO 50% (2 PGO) 45% (1.8 PGO) 5% (0.2 PGO)
Phase 9 4730401-18848000 2 PGO 50% (1 PGO) 45% (0.9 PGO) 5% (0.1 PGO)

PGO team

The Pengolincoin team is made up of members from all over the world.
We are all volunteer.
The community leaders team is made up of people who participate in the development of PGO. They help the leaders team to promote PGO and also participate in decisions that influence the future of the project.

PengolinCoin founder
& co-owner
| | | | | France


PengolinCoin co-owner
| | | | U.S.A.


PengolinCoin co-owner
Blockchain lead developer
| | | Laos


Community team leader
| Iran


Community team leader


Community team leader
| France


Community team leader
| Belgium


Community team leader
| Poland


Community team leader
| China


Here you will find a few Frequently Asked Questions about PengolinCoin...

Where can I buy PengolinCoin?

You can buy PengolinCoin at Hotbit,, Vault (coin packs), Bitsails (see section Exchanges)

How do I stake my coins?

Simply leave your wallet online, open and unlocked for staking. After 21 confirmations your wallet will start staking.

How many confirmations before my masternode is “Enabled?”

After 15 confirmations your masternode will be “Enabled”

I don’t understand how to set up a masternode on a VPS, what can I do?

We have partenered with the best Masternode hosting services. They will host your masternode for you! No complicated servers! One minute setup. Same price as a VPS.

How do I set up a Masternode?

Masternode Set Up Tutorial: Masternode Tutorial (EN).

How many PGO do I need for a Masternode?

100,000 PGO


Download the PGO wallet for your system: Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi and Android

Windows (zip file)

Supported Windows versions are 7 and higher

Linux (deb file)

Debian and Ubuntu-like systems

Linux (tar.gz file)

Linux systems

(.dmg file)

Apple / Mac

(.tar.gz file)

Apple / Mac

Raspberry Pi
(tar.gz file)

Raspberry Pi systems

Official Android Wallet (latest version)

Android systems


  • March 2020

    PengolinCoin launched on March 23, 2020
    Official mining pool
    Block explorer
    Social network accounts
    First exchange April 2020
    White paper v1
    Promotion campaign
    Listing on exchanges
    Community growth

  • July-September 2020

    Implement new blockchain and new code
    Transition to PoS/Masternodes
    Swap old PGO for new PGO
    Listings on masternode hosting platforms 5
    Promotional campaign (v2)
    Marketing September - End of 2020

  • First half of 2021

    wPGO listing on Etherscan
    wPGO BEP20 Token
    wPGO listing on Uniswap
    wPGO listing on Klever Wallet
    wPGO listed on PancakeSwap
    wPGO listed on Trust Wallet
    Promotional Campaign (v3)

  • Second half of 2021

    New top 100 exchange listings
    Code updates
    Add zk-Snarks and sapling privacy protocols
    Research other chains to create wPGO on
    PGO 3.0

  • Long term strategy

    Develop blockchain and cryptographic technologies
    Develop own codebase
    Continually grow community
    Ongoing marketing campaigns
    Increase revenue
    Implement bounties to bring mass adoption
    More partnerships
    Grow the team
    Continue to separate PengolinCoin from the pack


You can buy and sell PGO in these Exchanges (In BTC or USDT)


Listed on

Coinmarketcap Coingecko Coinpaprika Coinbase

Being a PengolinCoin merchant...


if you would like to become a PengolinCoin merchant, please use this guide Cryptocurrencycheckout/PGO to be added as a merchant.

PengolinCoin is accepted as a payment option at the Crypto Marketplace!

Cryptwerk Companies and services accepting PengolinCoin as payment.


Buy gift cards (For use on USA websites) from Home Depot, Best Buy, Dominos Pizza, Starbucks, Amazon and many more with your PengolinCoins.

PengolinCoin has partnered with and is accepted as payment online at Danu CBD and Hemp Store!

PengolinCoin is partnered with and used as a payment option on Orecoingames Casino!

PengolinCoin is partners with and used as a payment option on lnoCasino!

PengolinCoin is partners with and used as a payment option on MCM marketplace!


A portion of PengolinCoin’s profits will go to save the endangered Pangolin.
We will continue to support our partnered charity, the Pangolin Crisis Fund and continue to fundraise and support them.


This address is intended to receive the funds which will be donated to organizations that fight illegal trade that threatens all eight species of pangolins.
PengolinCoin Project will donate part of its income. You can send PGO directly at this address to make your contribution.

Charity address balance: 0.00 PGO
[updated on 06/01/2021]
  • Donations to Pangolin Crisis Fund
  • Donation to Pangolin Crisis Fund has been sent on may 1rst, 2020: $100
  • Donation to Pangolin Crisis Fund has been sent on august 14th, 2020: $50
  • Donation to Pangolin Crisis Fund has been sent on june 3rd, 2021: $100